Garlic City Market presented by Peavey Mart

Garlic City Market

Saturday, September 30, 11am to 4pm 
(Timber Framing Workbee runs 10am to 5pm)
​Piper Creek Community Gardens
(40th Ave south Red Deer - east side at the City Limits)


Peavey Mart is proud to sponsor ReThink Red Deer's special pop-up version of Garden City Market and our 10th Anniversary Fall Harvest Supper!

Garden City Market is taking a summer break and will return soon but this special event will be a pop-up market with a Garlic Festival theme, so we're calling it "Garlic City Market".

For the last four years, ReThink Red Deer has been sourcing and growing over 40 varieties of organic BC garlic. We are planning to make the best varieties for our climate available as seed garlic to local growers in support of our Community Seed Bank through the "Guardians of the Garlic Seed" initiative.

This event will feature local garlic growers and many familiar farmers market vendors selling their wares and fall harvest produce... and Draw Prizes!

Garlic Goodness - Garlic Braid, Onion String, Garlic Pin Cushion
Peavey Mart Red Deer - Urban Homestead Canning Kit

General entrance to the Garlic City Market is FREE from 11am to 4pm - the workshop(s) run 10am through 5pm-ish. Vendor registration details can be viewed here -

Confirmed Vendors:

  • Steel Pony Farm
  • Earth Works Farm
  • Country Thyme Farm
  • Herbmasterz - Alberta's Own GT Sick Dip
  • Backyard Custom Woodworks
  • Paige's Tealife
  • Top Peg Timber Frame Construction and The Timber Framers' Guild
  • The Root Cellar: ecoStore & Apothecary
  • Worker Bee Apiary
  • CCBee's Natural Products
  • PenX Green Teens
  • Red Deer Urban Farming Society
  • Organic Alberta
  • more to come...!

Want to be a Vendor? Vendor application deadline September 25th:

We also plan to offer a hands-on workbee throughout the day ($10 contribution per person) to help build a his and hers timber frame outhouse - aka, a "spiffy biffy"...! 

Built to last, historic timber framed buildings of long gone centuries can still be seen and used today. Before the industrial revolution, timber framing was one of the major building models in North America. In India, timber frame construction dates back to 200 B.C. where teak timbers were shaped and connected with simple joinery and bamboo pegs. Many other cultures worldwide also capitalized on this building method. Ancient stone temples, such as Stonehenge, employed joinery details similar to today’s timber framing wood structures.

General entrance to the Garlic City Market is FREE from 11am to 4pm - the workshop(s) run 10am through 5pm-ish. Vendor registration details can be viewed here -

Vendor application deadline is September 25

ALL PROCEEDS GO TOWARDS REBUILDING THE PIPER CREEK BARN AS A TIMBER FRAME STRUCTURE! The barn is an historic part of the community garden and has recently been removed for safety reasons by The City of Red Deer. As part of the ongoing Piper Creek Restoration Agriculture Project on site, we would like to rebuild the barn and include rainwater and solar energy harvesting technologies with a potential greenhouse to support the community gardeners and restoration work.

Check out the Pemberton Barn video for an example of what's possible...

In addition to the timber frame outhouse workbee, check out these awesome activities!

Blacksmithing Demo

Rocky Turel will show off his hammering techniques alongside his portable forge to help craft the handles and hinges for the spiffy biffy timber frame outhouse! There may also be a horseshoe or two to practice throwing around for a quick game. 

The "Meet & Bleet" (petting zoo)

Check out the goats and talk to the shepherds from Baah'd Plant Management and Reclamation! The goats have been helping out on site by eating noxious and invasive weeds. These goats are cute as a button and great with kids but they have a serious appetite! #OMGoats

The Scythe VS Brushcutter Challenge!

Who will win - the traditional human-powered scythe blade or the modern gas-powered Stihl brushcutter?? Either way, the goats can clean up the mess... ;) Try your hand at both if you're up for the challenge. Or just watch the pros go head to head. #OMGrass

The Fall Harvest Supper is accessible by ticket only and runs from 7pm to 11pm at Roosters Wood Fire & Smoke, Southpointe Common, Red Deer. Complete details TBA ASAP, please mark your calendar!