Intro to Rainwater Harvesting - Tour, Seminar, and Sale!

Rainwater Harvesting

ReThink Red Deer and The Canadian Association for Rainwater Management are presenting an Intro to Rainwater Harvesting Seminar and Tour on Thursday, May 17 through Friday, May 18.

This opportunity has been made possible thanks to funding from the Alberta Real Estate Foundation.

Alberta Real Estate Foundation

The tour of rainwater harvesting systems in Red Deer runs 6pm to 9pm on the 17th and the interactive seminar runs 10am to 4pm on the 18th. This event is intended for home owners / renters, property managers, real estate professionals, builders, developers, renovators, educators, elected officials, and municipal administrators and presents valuable information on both residential and commercial applications - from simple rain barrels to large-scale landscapes (e.g., stormwater management) and professional distribution systems for both indoor and outdoor use.

Agenda (subject to change):

- define what rainwater harvesting is and how it's being used to benefit consumers, municipalities, and the environment
- provide a basic understanding of the practice of rainwater harvesting in a global context and share specific details for rainwater harvesting in Alberta 
- explain established and developing provincial and national guidelines, relevant codes, and best practices for rainwater harvesting
- define the basic components and operating considerations of indoor and outdoor rainwater harvesting systems in Alberta
- showcase examples of residential and commercial rainwater harvesting systems in operation
- provide a hands on example of basic rainwater harvesting system design calculations
- provide details on opportunities for next steps in rainwater harvesting system installation certification training
- Q & A session / general discussion
- pre-sale of rainwater harvesting barrels as a fundraiser for projects of ReThink Red Deer and Penhold School's PenX Green Teens

The cost is $20 per person to attend. All proceeds to projects of ReThink Red Deer.



NOTE: A rain barrel sale is being hosted on Saturday, May 19 at the Red Deer Public Market (Memorial Centre, Red Deer) from 8:00am to 1:00pm. Fully plumbed, 55gal (208L) rain barrels will be on sale for $75 each, overflow / connecting hoses for additional $15. Pre-sales are available by contacting Sarah Grass at sarah (at)

Rain Barrel Details:

  • supplied by The Barrelman Inc.
  • white- or blue-coloured, food-grade barrels
  • 4” screened opening on the lid
  • ¾” garden hose spigot at the bottom
  • 1 ¼” connector/overflow on each side
  • 1 ¼” adapter and plug
  • City of Red Deer Rain Barrel Rebate Program-eligible

For more information please contact:

Rene Michalak
Project Lead
ReThink Red Deer