Garbage-Free February


Help us kick off the 12th annual Garbage-Free February Challenge! In the winter of 2006, a single individual took up the challenge to try a garbage free existence for a month. From that first experiment in sustainable living, Garbage-Free February was born here in Red Deer. Officially declared in the City of Red Deer by Mayor Morris Flewwelling in 2012, and renewed by Mayor Veer in 2015, it remains a yearly celebration of sustainable living.


The goal of Garbage-Free February is to make choices as a consumer (citizen) that will not produce any contributions to a landfill*. 

For the entire month of February aim to:

- visit a Repair Cafe in your area
- purchase only recyclable and reusable goods
- learn about and use your local recycling program
- bring your own bag to the grocery store / market
- eat 100% organic food and buy in bulk
- compost any organic waste that you produce
- use and/or Neigh*Borrow in your community
come up with more ideas and share them with others

* exceptions - like toilet paper - are allowed!

For more info email sarah (at)

Check out the great resources posted on the Facebook event page and on our website!