Little Green Thumbs

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What is Little Green Thumbs?
Little Green Thumbs (LGT) is an indoor gardening program that gives elementary and high school students the opportunity to become food producers right in their own classroom!
This hands on, inquiry-based education program helps young people value the health of themselves, the environment and their community.
As students actively co-operate to care for their garden, they learn about nutrition, environmental stewardship, sustainable food systems, and community interdependence. As of the 2014-15 school year the Little Green Thumbs program was present in more than 250 schools across 4 provinces and engages more than 12,000 students!
ReThink Red Deer, in partnership with Ag for Life, joined Little Green Thumbs in 2013. We worked with over 2 dozen schools throughout central Alberta.
For more information please contact Christiane Guilbeault, past Central Alberta Program Coordinator - csguilbeault (at)  and visit the LGT website.