Understanding Alberta's Energy Efficiency Potential

A new study commissioned by Energy Efficiency Alberta shows that Albertans could save about $1 billion in electricity and natural gas costs for every year of energy efficiency programming - a return on investment of more than 2:1. 

These results show that Energy Efficiency Alberta is on the right path, but there’s still lots of room to save money, create jobs, shrink our GHG emissions, and grow the Alberta economy through energy efficiency. The report’s findings are consistent with what’s been found for other jurisdictions, too.

What did the report find?

  • Albertans could save about $1 billion in energy costs for every year of energy efficiency programming.
  • There’s also the potential to generate 4.4 Mt CO2e of greenhouse gas emission reductions.
  • This means Albertans would save about $125 for every tonne of CO2e reduced.
  • To achieve these results, the average cost of programs would be $150 million per year and leverage $290 million of investment from participants – a return on total investment of more than 2:1 and a return on program investment of more than 6:1.

Learn more about Alberta’s Energy Efficiency Potential

An eight-page report backgrounder gives a high-level overview of the study’s findings. Download Alberta’s Energy Efficiency Potential Backgrounder.

The 190-page report ‘Alberta’s Energy Efficiency Potential 2019 – 2038’ provides the methodology, assumptions and conclusions used by Navigant Consulting to complete their analysis. Download the full report Alberta’s Energy Efficiency Potential 2019-2038.